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I don’t think I need to say anymore to convince you that I get it. Having someone like me guide you through the experience can make all the difference in the world.

I can walk you through the process, discuss the opportunities and challenges you face in an open and forthright way, and connect you with other specialists who are going to make the whole job easier.  Instead of a mountain, the process can be reduced to a mole hill.  Instead of abstractions, we can start dealing with concrete details.  And you’ve been dealing with those for a long time.  You bring a huge skill set to this venture.

I am not trying to minimize the wrenching emotional experience that this transition can be.  I understand that.  I bring an open heart and compassion to my work so that you feel you have been received and understood and can get on with the business of choosing and moving.

My experience as a hospice worker and voluntary Chaplain at the North York General Hospital and the Ottawa Carleton Detention Center, as well as looking after my own parents, has given me the broad-based understanding and strength that you need to get you through this.

I am a well-rounded, experienced consultant with a background in human resource management, management training, public affairs, marketing, fund-raising and administration.  I have a lot of contacts who can help you get the service you need when you need it.

I promise you that you are in good hands. Contact me today and let’s set up a consultation.

      You Are In Good Hands


Helping you find a housing solution to suit your needs is my life’s work. The challenge of choosing the best housing solution home; letting go of a lifetime’s collection of furniture, artwork and memorabilia; selling what needs to be sold; and packing and moving is a daunting challenge for anyone at any age. It is especially daunting for you if your energy is not at the level it once was.


I understand that you are facing a major life transition. You are letting go of one way of living and getting ready for a whole new lifestyle. As author Marilyn Ferguson once put it:  “It’s not change that we fear, but the period in between, when we have let go of one trapeze and not yet grabbed hold of another.”


Your mind can start working in overdrive; you remember every negative thing anyone has ever said about a housing solution home; your mind says: “What about this?   What about that?” bringing up a never-ending round of questions.

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